Flexibility is at the heart of our service…

We know that just like people, no two businesses are the same and so its no surprise that one size does not fit all.

With that in mind, we provide a flexible service offering that starts with us listening to you about what you need. We do not limit ourselves to fixed packages, fixed periods or fixed solutions – instead, we will take the time to understand you and your business and what you need, or, what specific issues you are having difficulty with.

Once we know where you are at, and only then, will we begin to formulate a strategy for delivering your solution. It is utterly pointless us trying to deliver a solution package that is not best fit for your organisation, if the only reason for us recommending certain packages is because they are the ones we are used to dealing with.

With that in mind, if its necessary for us to explore solutions that we have not used before, we will tell you in advance and ensure that we have the skills and expertise in place to deliver the right solution for you.

Pick N Mix

You may already have certain IT provisions in place and you may be extremely happy with them, but you find that you are struggling with one or two specific areas. In this case, we are perfectly happy to act as a supplementary provider, delivering only those elements or solutions that you need us to, whilst you retain the services of existing providers or in-house resources.

Crisis Cover

One other important area where we can help is in the provision of temporary cover or support in the event of short term need. It may be that your in-house IT Professional is away on maternity (or paternity) leave, away on sick leave, or, you have a short term temporary surge in demand due to a continuity interruption event or (say) an office move or major upgrade. In these cases, we are happy to fill the gap and support your existing provision to ensure that the lights stay on.