Remote or Onsite Support

Software Support

We provide support on a range of software, centered around Microsoft Office and Ofice365, but we can also look at other packages as and when needed and provide technical or end-user support offerings to meet your needs

Hardware Support

We can also provide a range of hardware support if needed. This may be in conjunction with your hardware vendor or directly to you .We are happy to partner with your existing suppliers if needs be, so that we can integrate with your existing setup and provide an additional layer of seamless support.

Training Support

It may be that you are planning to roll-out a new cloud platform, and you need staff to be inducted or given some kind of foundational training.

You might find that you have recurring issues around a specific product or platform, or, you are using a specific platform or product, but want to train staff so that you can get more out of the technology into which you have invested

Whatever your training needs, we can provide manuals, tailored training programs, and workshops onsite to help you get the best out of your staff and your technology investments.

Planning & Architecture Support

If you are thinking of investing in some additional technologies, and are maybe wondering how they are going to integrate into your existing architecture, or, you want to upgrade aspects of your architecture but are unsure about which products or services to invest in, then we can provide expert analysis around the impact and implementation of new technologies and which would best fit your needs.


If you already have in-house provision or are buying in support from an existing provider, we are always happy to integrate into existing teams.

We don’t believe in the silo approach as it simply creates barriers and friction – instead, we’ll role our sleeves up and fit into your organisation however you prefer – simple.