The Web – its transformed our world our society and our businesses

From online shopping to email, from business websites to the cloud, the world wide web has been perhaps the most profound bringer of change since the industrial revolution

We can provide a range of web provisioning services to suit your company from websites, company portals, online ordering, web hosting, email & cloud provisioning

Web hosting & Websites

Staring with a hosting package and email, we can design and develop a company website for your business. We use WordPress as our primary website development platform – its a robust, mature framework that also allows you to be able to add or edit pages to your existing site (if you want to that is)

In addition, it also has hundreds of secure plugins that enable us to quickly pivot your site into an online storefront, a subscription site or just about anything else you can think of.

Online Store (e-Commerce)

Once you have web hosting and a website set up, we can also help you create an online inventory and enable your customers to place orders for your goods and services, using tried and trusted e-commerce tools.

Whatever your needs, we can provide the right expertise to deliver the right solution